The One and Only jQuery and WordPress Transitions Fade Plugin

Use it as a Killer effect in your projects, or grab our Easy to use WordPress Plugin!

Transitions is a jQuery Plugin/Script that adds fade effects to any website. The script hooks itself to all < a > (anchors) within a website providing a fade in/out effect when a link is clicked, or when a new page is viewed.

We have developed our script for use as a stand-alone in your projects, and as a simple WordPress plugin. Released under GNU GPL 3 Software License.


Instructions on How to Use

To See The Fade Effect Again, Click the button -> Reload

How to use the WordPress Plugin

1. Download the zip to your hardrive.
2. Upload to your 'Plugin' Directory via On-site Uploader (zip).
3. Once Uploaded Click 'Activate Plugin'.
4. Options Page Under 'Settings' in Admin Sidebar.

After Activation, Your Site Will Start To Have The Transition Effects.

* If Plugin Stalls Directly After Activation, Refresh The Page.
* Requires Javascript to be ON in your Browser.


How to use the jQuery Script

1. Download the zip to your hardrive.
2. Unzip using a program like Winzip or 7zip.
3. Upload to Server + Link Script(s) and CSS to Website.
4. Requires the jQuery Library.

* Requires Javascript to be ON in your Browser.

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License Use

Relased Under GNU GPL 3

Transitions Plugin Copyright © 2009-2011
You are permitted to use this script under the conditions of the GNU GPL 3 Software License.
This script/program/software is free of charge, provided as-is, with NO warranty implied.